Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I Need A Hobby.

I need something to occupy my time.

I've tried juggling chainsaws. I've tossed goats. I've even attempted lint-knitting. Yet nothing has held my interest.

Until now.

Garfield Ridge presents the hobby of the future: Sand Collecting.

That's right, you too can join the tens of people worldwide who enjoy the exciting world of collecting rocks. Itty bitty rocks. Tiny rocks you can't polish with that cool rock tumbler you got after selling three thousand subscriptions to Grit.

You may ask yourself, what. . . what is sand? The International Sand Collectors Society educates us: "sand is loose particles of broken rock."

Sand is not just any kind of rock, the kind you can find on any beach in the world. All sand is different.
One of the myths about sand collecting is that once you have collected a sample from a given area, there is no need to look further as all sand will be exactly the same - not true.
See? It's not true. Isn't learning fun?

After you have all your sand, the question becomes, what do you do with your sand collection? You could make sand castles, but that would be retarded. No, what you want to do is display the sand. And how do you display the sand? It's easy!:
Once a container has been selected, you may wish to attach an outside display label for others to read. One can also add a paper label within the samples itself in the event the outer label falls off; however, before ever adding paper into a sand sample, that sample must be perfectly dry for the slightest moisture will penetrate the paper and make it unreadable in little time. One can make sure a sample is dry by airing it out on several layers of old newspapers or in an oven.
Now remember kids-- always ask an adult for assistance before heating your sand in the oven!

Please note, that while sand collectors love to discuss their hobby, they do not like to answer this question.

Excuse me, I think I just found some great sand, I must go put it into a container, and label it!

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