Monday, January 10, 2005


The Jack Bauer Hour Of Power Is Back, Baby!

I'm in pig heaven right now, because I'm a huge 24 fan, and the new season got off to a great start Sunday night.

Not only that, I get to enjoy two more hours Monday night. It's like giving Robert Downey Jr. the keys to the police evidence room.

24 is one of the many reasons I unabashedly love FOX. The network knows its audience well, and gives them exactly what it wants.

Crime scene investigations? To hell with that. WE DON'T HAVE TIME!

Read a terrorist his rights? To hell with that. WE DON'T HAVE TIME!

Conduct interrogations according to the Geneva Conventions? To hell with that. WE DON'T HAVE TIME!


Tonight's premiere did not deviate from this effective formula. When Jack Bauer learns at 7:56 that a terrorist undergoing questioning may know something about an attack planned for 8:00, he doesn't ask Ted Kennedy for his legal opinion. Instead, Jack pulls out his pistol and pops a round through the terrorist's thigh. THAT gets the bad guy's attention, and he spills the beans that the Secretary of Defense is the target.

The shooting leads to my favorite moment as immediately afterwards the imperious know-it-all bitch running the Counter-Terrorism Unit detains Jack pending charges of "torture." Again, never mind that it was effective. But hey, I've covered that all here before.

Also, a nice little joke was snuck in when the SECDEF (played by William "I'm Oily And Loving It!" Devane) argues with his rebellious anti-war protestor son. When his son defends his plans to protest at a Lockheed Martin weapons factory that day, Devane tells him to stop "with the 6th Grade Michael Moore act."

Of course, knowing 24, it's probably inevitable that the show will turn Devane into the bad guy. 24 seems to enjoy using Middle Eastern terrorists as fake-outs for the REAL bad guys, who as we all know are white males, preferably from within the President's cabinet, or Europe.

My guess now? The bad guys knew Devane was visiting his son unannounced. Unless they introduce a new character, that means that only three people knew about the visit: the SECDEF, his daughter (and Jack's new love interest), and Jack himself. The terrorists later clone Jack's cel phone, but since we see it happen, we know they didn't have the information before, so Jack is out as a suspect. Meaning either the SECDEF or his daughter chose to be kidnapped.

Hmmm. Perhaps to generate more ill-will towards those evil Muslims, to make more money for Lockheed Martin? That's one helluva dive to take for the team. Althought, the SECDEF sure was confident he'd be rescued. . .

Anyways, that's why I love 24 so much-- all the twists and turns throughout a twenty-four episode season make it worth watching. Even in a bad season (last year wasn't that hot), the show keeps you guessing. And you have to enjoy the delicious malevolence everyone on the show displays towards each other. CTU must be the absolute most inefficient place in the world to work, everybody's backstabbing everybody else all the time. It's like Dynasty with fewer catfights and more Glocks.

That, and CTU is too dark to read anything; bad lighting makes for grumpy workers, not to mention inevitable OSHA lawsuits.

Should be a humdinger of a season.

My wife had never seen the show, and right before Jack popped the dirtbag in the thigh, I was trying to explain to her that he can sometimes both "overreact" and simply "overact", but both are key components of the show.

Amazingly, she hung around and watched the second episode instead of Desperate Housewives.
Good. First episode's free, then you're hooked.

The show is going to be on Monday nights this season, so she'll still be able to get her fill of Housewives.
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