Tuesday, January 18, 2005


John Kerry Hates My Boss, Film At 11.

H/T to the Corner's Kathryn Jean Lopez for publicizing this Kerry email.

I've enjoyed ignoring John Kerry for these past few months, but if he's going to endorse dumb thoughts, why shouldn't I offer my own brand of stupidity? ("Now with 50% more flan!")

Care to take a stroll through the juicy parts?

I knew our soldiers were still facing hold ups getting the equipment they need, but I wanted to see it for myself. American troops deserve the best gear and equipment we can provide. But adequate vehicle armor remains in short supply.
Are we still on the Humvee problem? We're not there yet, but progress is being made.

BTW, John Kerry believes American troops deserve the best gear and equipment? When did he change his mind? After 1984? Or after he voted for the $87 billion for armor, before he voted against it?

Or after he lost an election partly because voters didn't trust John Kerry with our national defense?

A soldier who spoke up about these problems was told by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, "you have to go to war with the army you have, not the army you want." Well, it's been over two years since Rumsfeld planned this war. And whether he has the army he wants or not, he should at least have basic armor for army vehicles.
Again with the old news. Turns out that soldier's story was planted. And even if he had asked the question all by himself, his unit already had the basic armor.

And I've already made my statement in support of Rumsfeld's quote. It hurts because it's true, and there's no way around it.

It's a question of competence. Poor planning at the Pentagon is letting American soldiers down. According to the National Intelligence Council, the CIA director's think tank, Iraq is now providing the next generation of "professionalized" terrorists with "a training ground, a recruitment ground, [and] the opportunity for enhancing technical skills." Our troops need a capable Secretary of Defense. At the very least, they absolutely need that.
Don't you just love how much the Democrats love the CIA nowadays, after all those decades of portrayal as the boogeyman? The same CIA accused of "sexing up" pre-war Iraq intelligence is suddenly an expert on post-war Iraq? Perhaps John Kerry just doesn't know a lot about today's CIA, considering how he hardly ever went to any intelligence committee hearings.

I'll say it again: I'd rather have Iraq be home to terrorists than Manhattan. New York City cops, while tough, don't employ heavy artillery.

Anyone-- either John Kerry, or a Langley nappysleeper-- who thinks that Iraq today is a safe haven for terrorism should do their best to recall Afghanistan in the 1990's: state-protected training camps, government-issued visas, and all the moral encouragement a growing Jihadi could want. You know, some foolish people even insist on arguing that *Saddam's Iraq* was a safe haven for terrorists. How strange!

As for Iraq providing a technical training ground to the next generation of terrorists, this video (caution: graphic) of a Jihadi on the wrong side of U.S. firepower should quickly dispel any thoughts of Jihadis conveniently learning Bombmaking 101 at Sadr City Community College. The bad guys are much better off getting their degree at home, via Sally Struthers.

I believe that together, the three million of us who worked together on the campaign can help the troops. We not only have a right to speak out against failed Bush policies: we have a duty to defend this country from a President who refuses to recognize the total inadequacy of his own Defense Secretary.
"Defend this country from a President?" Any specifics, Senator, on how we might have a duty to defend this country from, say, our enemies?

One more time: please join me in my call for President Bush to fire Donald Rumsfeld. He's the man responsible for the well-being of our troops. He's neglected his duty. He's made excuses. It's time for him to go.
I'm sorry Senator-- we're you saying something? I must have been paying attention to George W. Bush's inauguration.

Better luck in 2008, Senator.

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