Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Let's Go, Nationals, clap, clap. . . clapclap!

As of this morning, I am now the proud owner of season tickets to the Washington Nationals 2005 season.

Technically, I proudly own a share of the tickets, as me and five friends went in together for two seats. So, at the end of the day, I'll get to go to 27 games at RFK Stadium this season.

Now, I'm a complete realist: the Expos sucked. The Nationals are gonna suck. But I'm okay witht that.

C'mon, my first loves-- the White Sox, and the (*cough*) Cubs-- both suck. And I still root for them to do well.

Besides, the best thing about baseball has always been hanging out at the ballpark-- the sights, the sounds, the smells. My favorite sport is football, but I'd much rather watch football on TV. With baseball, however, the only way to enjoy it is up close and personal, in commune with thousands of happy fans.

My buddy The Mallet, who went in with me on the tickets, sent along this picture of the RFK renovation. Our seats have the same view, just a little bit to the right.

Boy, I only hope they move all the trucks out of the way before they play the game.

Maybe we can work out a ticket exchange this summer. Although I think the exchange rate is at least 2 to 1 ;)
Awesome. I'm probably going to hold off getting season tix because I frankly can't afford them, though I plan on attending several games this season, particularly when they play my Mets.

The Nats will not stink for long. Now that they will actually have a steady revenue stream playing in DC, they will get competetive fairly quickly.
Well, if you'd like to come on down one weekend, you're welcome to do so.

I'll let you know which games I'm going to when we divvy up the schedule.
Cool. Keep me in mind at the end of April when they play the Mets. I appreciate it.
Don't lose all hope yet, Dave. Colorado bought the eminently sucky Quebec Nordiques, renamed them the Avalanche, and brought home a Stanley Cup their first year.

Maybe there's something about getting moved away from Canada that energizes the players.

Goodness. . . I'm sorry man. I posted my comment before I saw yours, and it was in response to my buddy Ranger, who lives in Boston.

However, who knows? I may have a "Bring A National Review Fan To RFK Stadium" day here at Garfield Ridge.

If I come across a spare ticket(s), I'll let you know.

Ah, no problem. I'm sure I can get tix on the day of the game. But yeah, we can have a Corner day the park. Get some beers and watch Pedro pitch a perfect game.
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