Thursday, January 20, 2005


Man Constructing 18-Foot-Tall Mechanized Exoskeleton.

The spirt of America lives on, through the construction of giant battle robots.

WASILLA - As Carlos Owens Jr. envisions it, the humanoid machine he's building will shoot nine-inch nails from the shoulders and 20-foot flames from the forearms. "You've got to have flame-throwers!" he says.
OF COURSE you do. No mechwarrior worth their name is going to build an exoskeleton that merely serves Earl Grey and changes the litterbox.
Owens, a former heavy equipment mechanic with the Army Reserves, imagines mechas boxing in arenas, fighting wildfires, repairing distant space stations, even fighting enemy soldiers in battle.
Two words: kick ass.
Besides mild steel - stainless would be too expensive - 23 hydraulic cylinders are woven throughout, giving the mecha 46 possible movements. An 18-horsepower gas engine will provide the power and a car battery the juice for the computer, cameras, lights and sound effects. Fiberglass skin will allow the operator to stay fully hidden.

Much of the parts have come from auto parts stores and online vendors.
How cool is that? You too can build your own assault power armor from parts found at Pepboys.

The best thing about this is that I now know what I'm doing for my friend Shevonne's birthday. She loves her Voltron, and I think this may make the perfect gift! Might scare her kids, though.

Flamethrowers? Nailguns?

Come talk to me about mechs when that thing is sporting Magna Hellstar PPCs, Code Red Autocannons, and Poland Main Model A Gauss Rifles if you are feeling frisky.

Seriously, any "lance" of Battletech geeks could set him up with a better weapons load for his mech's tonnage in about eight minutes.
Yeah, but I hear it's real tough to get a PPC permit, even in Alaska.
wow, kick ass indeed! I have GOT to get me one of those!
Dave, that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

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