Thursday, January 13, 2005


"May George W. Bush Drink The Blood Of Every Man, Woman And Child In Iraq."

I love America more than most, but c'mon: this is funny.

Then again, I have the benefit of hindsight. I'd probably be plenty pissed if I were in the crowd.

I'd be like, "Get a rope!"

I was in England this September and I was asked fairly often who I was voting for (when it was not simply assumed I was voting for Kerry.) My response was, "Because the most important issue to me is the War on Terror. Bush has a track record of killing shitloads of terrorists. I can trust him to continue to kill terrorists, perhaps in even greater numbers, should he be reelected. I can't trust Kerry to do so. Even if Kerry came on camera and swore a blood oath that not only he would kill terrorists, he would eat their children, I couldn't trust him enough to give him my vote."

Now, the funny thing is, at least on one occasion, people thought I was serious about wanting my president to devour the offspring of his butchered enemy.

I mean, no way either of those guys could eat more than one kid a day.
Because, face it, children are fattening.
It can work if you're on the Atkins diet.
Well, how big of a child are we talking about, here? And it's not like he'd have to eat the whole thing to get his message across.
Reminds me of the pig joke:

"A child that fast is too valuable to eat all at once."
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