Wednesday, January 05, 2005


More Culinary Cannibalism.

Longtime readers of Garfield Ridge know that one of my little phobias centers around animated and sculptural representations of self-cannibalistic anthropomorphic food. I've complained about this before here, and here.

Well, thanks to my friend Brian in sunny Southern California, I now have the link for the people who sell the the infamous self-eating hot dog statue.

Visit if you dare.

Turns out, Mr. Hot Dog is not alone in taking perverse pleasure from auto-digestion. He's joined by this disturbing chap:

No wonder he's got a lazy eye. He's eating his brains, faster than one can say "Liotta fryers."

Just. Not. Right.

Or, if that doesn't bother you, how about a monkey humping a banana?

That's either a huge banana, or one small monkey. I call him "Nano-Chimp."

Actually, the website's pretty cool. I mean, who wouldn't want a life-sized Joliet Jake Blues? Or a death-sized Grim Reaper? Or the disembodied head of a saxaphone player? And at such affordable prices to boot!

Boy, I sure do hope my neighbors like the new lawn ornaments here at my house. . .

Is that sax player supposed to be Bill Clinton? I have such a hard time telling him from other black people.
Wow pal; simultaneously clever, witty AND wrong.

Nice trifecta.
I have a picture of me posing with the fry guy in Amsterdam. I'll have to find it and send it your way.

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