Saturday, January 08, 2005


Most Misleading Headline Of The Year?

And it's only January.

From the AP:
Palestinians Have Modest Vote Expectations

HEBRON, West Bank - This weekend's election to replace Yasser Arafat has the potential to usher in the Arab world's first genuine democracy — a peaceful transfer of power that will augur well for the dream of a Palestinian state.

But four years of bloody conflict with Israel have deflated expectations. Many Palestinians say they will settle for simpler achievements: jobs, clean government, an end to ubiquitous Israeli roadblocks.
This story could have just as easily been written in 1972, about the Supreme Soviet: "Russians Have Modest Vote Expectations."

Hey, here's something you should settle for: a real election.

There's only one candidate of consequence running, and he controls not only the state media, but also the state gunmen. There's about a roughly zero chance here of watching a repeat of the Ukraine.

Here's a nugget of wisdom: democracy has little to do with freedom. You can elect your totalitarian government. You can live in freedom under a dictator. Voting in of itself means nothing without the cultural institutions and standards of liberty underpinning the mechanism.

The Palestinians can't ever be free unless their leadership choices move beyond "Terrorist Mastermind #1" and "Terrorist Mastermind #2."

There's an old saying: democracy represents the will of the people, and sometimes the will of the people is for war.

Sadly, I'm confident that at this time in history the Palestinians are going to end up with exactly the government they deserve.

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