Monday, January 24, 2005


My Next Toy.

Well, it would be, if I had enough scratch to buy one.

The OQO personal computer.

Windows XP and Office compatible. 1GHz, 256MB of RAM, 20GB hardrive.

Which makes the OQO the *exact performance equal* of my four-year old gargantuan soul-sucking Athlon.

You know who I feel sorr for? All those silly Mac users out there, impressed with a desktop computer the size of a box.

This portable computer is the size of a book:

OQO on the left. Pathetically obsolete PDA on the right.

You can read more about this technological marvel here at Engadget, or at the official OQO website.

I just hope the Garfield Ridge Bozoputer doesn't get jealous I'm in love with another 'puter.

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