Wednesday, January 05, 2005


The New Phone Books Are In! The New Phone Books Are In!

So, I finally used up the last of my Amazon gift certificate credits from *September*, and picking up a few CD's and books.

Of note, I got Zinsser's classic On Writing Well, which I always managed to avoid in college. Cracking the book for the very first time, I noticed that the page I opened to read:

Clutter is the official language used by corporations to hide their mistakes. When the Digital Equipment Corporation eliminated 3,000 jobs its statement didn't mention layoffs; those were "involuntary methodologies." When an Air Force missile crashed, it "Impacted with the ground prematurely."
Nice example. Zinsser must have never read a Boeing press release.

I also picked up a collection of previously unreleased songs by the New Jersey punk band Saves The Day, which has become pretty much my favorite band. Think slickly-produced garage with, ah, interesting lyrics.

Unfortunately, I also did a stupid thing-- for the *second* time now, I've purchased the wrong Sleater-Kinney album. It's not like I have a large CD collection or anything. Yet, I still manage to buy a second copy of their debut when I wanted a different album (I left my copy of Call The Doctor in a car, not my own, that got repo'd a few years back).

I'm not a smart man.

Anyways, the next batch from Amazon should have a few more books and albums, so hopefully they'll be waiting for me when I get home.

Man, you got me all worked up! I thought the new phone books were really in. Nothing like curling up for the evening with a cheap bottle of hootch, the phone book, and a freshly charged-up cordless phone. Good times...
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