Sunday, January 02, 2005


Now This Here Would Make My House A Home.

The Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit.

Their website is harmless, barely PG-13, although it might be embarrassing to surf at work.

Watching their little demo video, man, you can set this thing up anywhere. The bedroom, the kitchen, the backseat of a Cadillac Escalade. Plus, the Peekaboo FAQ says the pole will hold up to 196 lbs of weight. That's a whole lotta Private Dancer, just for you.

I especially like how they advertise it as a "fantasy pole dancing game." Yeahhh, a game. . . just like Pictionary, or Boggle. Only in a g-string. Then again, come to think of it, is there any other way to play Boggle?

Sigh. How come nobody ever gets me this sort of gift for Christmas?

Okay, sure, so I'd need a woman to use it, but at least I'd have an awesome conversation piece in the interim.

"Hi Dave, I love what you've done with the house!"
"Thank you darling. May I take you coat?"
"Sure. Whoa, hey. . . is that a stripper pole?"
"Why yes, yes it is."

[Cue chica-chica-bow-wow music]

Let the party begin!

Dude! It's only like $120!!!! Don't be suprised if there's one waiting for you at your door one day soon! Or should we have it delivered to your office? Yeah, that sounds about right......That will get your co-workers talking. Shevonne
man.. 120 dollars??? u can get it for like 40oddd pounds at Jo Jos pole dancing kits
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