Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Onion A.V. Club Interview With Family Guy Creator Seth McFarlane.

Read it here.

Nothing useful, it's just an excuse for me to write about how happy I am that we're getting new episodes of Family Guy.

UPDATE: Okay, let me rephrase that. While I didn't learn much in the interview, I simply love being reminded of how genius the show is.

Want proof? Here's McFarlane:
[Family Guy] is its own thing. As far as breaking new ground, as far as the types of jokes that we do, doing a fight scene with Peter and a giant chicken that goes on for two straight minutes, I think we've kind of taken it to the next level.
Just thinking about the brilliance of that scene cracks me up. It's right up there with Peter Griffin falling outside his house, injuring his knee, and then going "Owww. . . Ooooh. . . Owww. . . Ooooh. . ." for *minutes*.

That kind of comedy takes balls.

that chicken gave me a bad coupon.
Whats up with the unpopulist?-hes been busting my balls since he took over at Aces

p.s.i still think Adaptation was better than BJM. BJM just depressed the hell out of me. The ending reminded me of the original The Fly for some strange reason.
never mind dude. Ive been banned from posting comments over at aces. Little tip- dont make jokes about Lava Men and the racist Sen. who fear them.
Didn't the Simpsons do a long, drawn out fight between Homer and Bart's "Big Brother"? Not a giant chicken, but it did involve an aquatic park.

Which also reminds me of a South Park Episode, "Simpson's Already Did It".

I watch too much TV.
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