Friday, January 14, 2005


Perhaps We Should Just Surrender Now.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Fox television network said on Thursday it will provide its stations with TV spots that portray Muslims in a favorable way after it received complaints for featuring followers of Islam as terrorists on its hit television show "24."

On Monday, Fox premiered the fourth season of "24." The drama featured an upper-middle class Muslim family operating as a sleeper terrorist cell. The Muslim mother poisons her son's non-Muslim girlfriend because it was feared the girl could jeopardize the terrorists' plan.

A Fox spokesman said it would provide public service announcements sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations to its affiliate stations. Local television executives can decide if and when to use the spots.

The move was in response to the Islamic council's complaints about the show.
I've already ridiculed CAIR's response to this season of 24. Now is the time to ridicule Fox's response.

I understand that the first, second, and last motivation of *any* television network is to make money. And bad publicity usually equals lost ad revenue. Ergo, the commandment to avoid bad publicity, or at least the wrong kind of bad publicity.

But if I were Fox in this case, you know what I'd say? Sod off.

First, as anyone with a working brain can tell you, 24 is *fiction*. It may seem like it's "ripped from the headlines," but you know what? Jack Bauer does not exist. CTU does not exist. The Araz family does not exist.

Second, as I mentioned in my previous piece, it's just as likely that the real enemies this season aren't Muslim. 24 enjoys faking its audience out like that.

Third, and most importantly, an extremely small number of Muslims are terrorists. But an extremely large number of terrorists are Muslims. Would CAIR care to explain why this is so? Or will they continue to insist that such thoughts are racist?

As this nation fights a real war against Muslim terrorists, CAIR has the gall to condemn any media that might have the inspiration to look at the real world and say, "Hey guys! You know what? We're fighting Muslim terrorists!" How dare CAIR tell anyone that our enemies are figments of our imagination, that the enemy is merely a stereotype.

A stereotype killed this man.

I'm sure that CAIR would love it if every show on television was sensitive enough to make Nazis the bad guys. Unlike Muslims, or the Japanese, or even the Communists, everybody can agree on how bad the Nazis were.

I know it's sad for some, but we defeated the Nazis sixty years ago-- they're hardly relevant to our current situation. Fox might as well broadcast a show about the modern FBI fighting to prevent a British takeover of Fort Ticonderoga.

If these same sensibilities were in effect during World War II, we would have condemned John Wayne to Westerns (without the Indians, of course), and the only war movies would have focused on the women sewing trousers for our fighting men in Cuba, 1899. Or, more likely, every movie would be about the Civil War, and those evil Rebs.

Propaganda has earned a bad name, but people forget that the movies of World War II, while politically crude, extrapolated from the incidents of the time. They served their purpose of motivating the home front. They reminded every American who stepped into a theater of the sacrifice their fathers, husbands, brothers and sons were making on a foreign shore.

Today, we live in a time and place where we can send our boys and girls off to fight and die in a war against a murderous ideology that we cannot condemn in polite company. We must bury our friends without ever acknowledging the higher purpose-- the honor and dignity-- of their sacrifice. From the highest office in the land down to the lowliest office in Hollywood, we speak of a religion of peace, while our enemies pray to a God of war.

I simply care no longer about religion. You all can pray to whomever you want-- God, Jehovah, Allah, whomever. But if your bomb takes the lives of one of my countrymen, my bombs will take the lives of ten of yours. If you press your blade against my throat, I promise that I will see you to your Hell before you send me to mine.

I'll be waiting to welcome you with magnanimity once you renounce your war, but you *will* renounce war-- either under the bayonet, or from within the grave.

Somehow I doubt Fox will release a public service announcement taking my stance.

Bad for advertising, you see.

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I'm sure that CAIR would love it if every show on television was sensitive enough to make Nazis the bad guys.2 out of 3 Indiana Jones movies agree.
You wanna know how you do it? Here's how, they pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send on of his to the morgue! That's the Chicago way!

Actually, I was thinking earlier today that we haven't seen the real sleeping giant of the WoT identified yet. Lefties and Europeans think the United States is engaging in genocidal holy war against the poor Muslims now? Then they'll need to invent a brand new word to describe what will happen if our Christian majority decides that Islamic terrorism really is a war on Christianity and needs to be anwsered in kind. Crusade Vs. Jihad.

I'm not saying that I think my countrymen are all cross wearing potential Attas. However, I am of the opinion that given enough pressure and enough spilled blood you can expect a strong reaction.
I my have more to say when I sober up (I've been drinking with my gf and the gay couple across the hall), but the general conclusion is: Islam is not a peaceful religion (ask Pangle about that one, but don't bring me into it). Oh God there's a roast-beef sandwich calling my fat-ass punk-rock name.

Dave: If Win2K is still giving you trouble, go to my blog, get the e-mail, and contact me. I have about six copies of Ubuntu Linux (stability uber alles) left, and I'd be happy to send one to you if you need it. Logos.
Maybe Fox should have the balls to portray the REAL THREAT and make the sleeper terrorist cell Danish. Shevonne
I have the solution for Fox - According to Jim: Fallujah
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