Wednesday, January 19, 2005


A Real Winter Wonderland.

It is a mess outside here in lovely Arlington. It's been well below freezing this week, and today snow started coming down.

Virginia doesn't deal well with snow, and Virginia drivers (not to mention our Texas imports) can't drive in the snow, so you can imagine what it's like out there. Although, in defense of the drivers, the terrain in Northern Virginia is quite hilly-- you don't find hills like this in Chicago or North Dakota.

What's so great about snow days here is watching from my office window, over ten stories up, all the cars crash into each other in downtown Arlington. A view like that provides HOURS of entertainment.

Unfortunately, I had an 11:30 meeting at the Pentagon, which mean I had to brave the elements to catch the shuttle over. I got to watch plenty of cars spin their wheels, and even a few careless pedestrians slip on their bottoms. Once the shuttle bus arrived-- it's a big one, a motorcoach-- the driver couldn't stop the bus at the curb, and proceeded to slide around the corner until he crunched his side against the corner lamp post. The bus wasn't going anywhere after that.

Alas, I didn't get out of my meeting-- I still had to telecon in-- but the real fun is ahead of me, when I get to drive home. I can drive okay in snow, but my otherwise-great car handles poorly in the snow, and of course, every other driver out there sucks today. So, I got that to look forward to.

Oh, and I also got the weekend to look forward to, when they're forecasting up to a *foot* of snow for Washington.

Sheesh, this town will be shut down until March. . .

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