Friday, January 07, 2005


The Ring 2 Trailer.

The teaser made the rounds a few weeks back, and now the trailer for the Ring 2 is out.

The Ring was one of the those movies that seemed to work for some, and not for others. Many horror films are like this; comedies too. You either find it scary, or you don't.

My taste in scary was very, very numb for a long time. Meaning, *nothing* scared me. Ghost stories are usually just "bump in the night stories." I love slasher movies, but they're not scary.

In fact, until recently the only horror movie I had *ever* seen that scared me was The Exorcist. I'm an unbeliever, but that movie still struck a nerve. It's just effed up, and strikes something deeper than any guy in a hockey mask. It stays with you long after you watched it.

But lately, a lot of movies seem to get under my skin. The Sixth Sense, The Blair Witch Project, The Ring, The Mothman Prophecies, and Signs all succeeded in creeping me out. One thing those films all have in common is that their scares are all very subtle. They don't rely on gore and violence to scare you, but dread. It's not what's behind the door that scares you, it's what you think is behind the door that is scary.

Sadly, as I mentioned in my review of the lousy Darkness, it seems the novelty of this latest horror wave is wearing off as even the imitators get imitated. That's a shame, because it's been such fun while it lasted.

So, I'm looking forward to Ring 2. It probably has no chance of being as remotely scary as the first one, just because it's a sequel. Nothing will ever replace my cries of "that's not right. . . that's just not right" in the theater when the girl climbs out of the television in the first Ring.

But hey, at the very least, I get to look at Naomi Watts for a while. I can think of worse horrors.

Naomi Watts? Yummy britches.
Never saw Blair Witch, but the others you mention were good. Sixth Sense wasn't really scary - although it was intense. And it was original. And it was by an outsider. Hollywood is always at its best when it gets new blood, rather than a committee that wants to fill it's yearly quota of chick flicks.

I'll be extremely impressed if Ring 2 measures up to the original, but I'm not really expecting it.
Blair Witch is one of the most difficult movies to enjoy. It only works if you completely relax and let yourself get sucked in, because it's all smoke and mirrors.

However, I got sucked in, and it kicked me in the teeth at the end.

I still laugh at the people-- not many, but there were some-- who thought at the time that it was a real documentary. Uh, yeah. . . riiight. But I can see how they needed that excuse in order to help their suspension of disbelief. Other folks, who knew that it was just a fake movie, spent the whole time watching it as a movie-- again, without relaxing their suspension of disbelief enough to enjoy it for what it was: a really damn fine low-budget movie.
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