Tuesday, January 11, 2005


RINO Alert! RINO Alert!

Huge hat tip to Jen over at Demure Thoughts for alerting me to the importance of this Drudge headline:

Some Republicans expressing reservations about Bush's plan to revamp Social Security... Developing....

Why is this headline important?

Anyone want to take guess who "some" Republicans are?


Bueller? Bueller?

Who here wants to bet one of these Republicans is on the official Garfield Ridge RINO list?

I hate myself and everything I stand for.

UPDATE: Thankfully, no one took my bet (c'mon, you readers should know by now how easy it is to make money off of my shotgun prognostication!).

This MSNBC article isn't about RINO opposition to Social Security reform. Although I would venture a guess that Rob Simmons (R-Who?) isn't the most conservative member of the GOP.

Instead, it's less about Republican opinions on whether or not the reform plan is good, and more about Republican fears that picking a fight could cost them politically.

Obviously, high-power whippage from the House & Senate Whips will be paramount in deciding whether President Bush's proposal is D.O.A. or not.

Dude, I've been on that one 47 times in the past 3 weeks. OK, slight exaggeration, but you get the idea. Republicans want Social Security reform about 0.0000001% more than Dems do.
Dude, I'm sorry! I'll pay closer attention to your posts.

BTW, you could always, you know, *email* them to me, and I'll post them up!
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