Sunday, January 02, 2005


Sand Candy.

Rainbow Dust Candy.

Our product is similar to "sand art" except when you finish making it, you can eat it!!! Kids of all ages will be delighted in creating their own delicious sour or sweet flavored candy in clear safe plastic test tubes and straws. The candy comes in a "sand-like" powder form that is delightfully colorful and tart or sweet.... and this artful fun candy is called "Rainbow Dust".
Mmmm. . . Rainbow Dust. . .

Is this stuff not the Partnership For A Drug-Free America's worst nightmare? All the taste of sugar, but in the convenient form of China White.

At the very least, Rainbow Dust seems like the perfect gateway drug to a raging meth habit. One moment, little Bobby is sprinkling a sugary unicorn onto construction paper. The next, he's heating up rocks of crank inside a broken light bulb.

Pretty soon, cute little Bobby's teeth rot out, his eyes sink in, and he digs the flesh off his arms trying to get all those damn spiders off his skin. All because Bobby's Mommy encouraged him to be "artistic" at the county fair.

Yeah, great idea guys. What's next? Black tar heroin smoothies?

Fortunately not all people think like you. I looked and read this product desciption.... it is no different than buying your kids the old fashioned "pixi stix" or any other powdered candy readily available in grocery stored. "Rot teeth" I can understand, but to give it a "drug connotation" is way over there. You are the one giving the kids the idea of associating this product with drugs, not the product itself.
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