Monday, January 03, 2005


Sandra Bullock Donates $1 Million To Tsunami Victims.

Story here.

Great, fantastic, wonderful, she's a true humanitarian, she's better than me, she hasn't made a great movie in five years, human heads weigh eight pounds, etcetera, etcetera.

But Mommie, what's wrong with that woman's face?

GAK! What kind of voodoo totem carving is that? What happened to the cute Sandra Bullock? Is she still under there, pinned beneath a cake-lanche of Play-Doh?

And where did her perky little Bullocks go? Did they slide off and fall to the floor?

I'm sorry, I know all my posts lately seem to be descending into Man Show-caliber humor. I don't mean to come off like a typical male pig. I apologize if I offend anyone. Okay, fine, I apologize if I offend my regulars.

But c'mon, there's something wrong here. Something very, very wrong here. Something seriously wrong here. Or am I being too harsh in pointing out that Bullock looks like a papier mache marmot?

She is 40 years old. Its not easy to hold that perkiness forever. When you are 40 I doubt you will maintain those same perky breasts you currently sport.
No. NO! She can't change. I won't allow it.

As for me, my man-breasts are voluptuous. At 40, they'll be down at my knees.
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Nice article on Sandra Bullock, but why did you include a picture of Cher?
My theory: Keanu Reeves sucked the life out of her during "Speed" -- she's never been the same. He's a crafty one, that Keanu.
Hmm, interesting theory Nix.

Maybe it was like something out of Lifeforce, or that moment when James Hong starts to suck the life out of Kim Catrall in Big Trouble In Little China?
botox mache' is more like it. But it is hard to resist the beauty of bullock...
I've always had a thing for Sandra, and I figure she'll be some-degree-of-cute pretty much forever. But the perks shouldn't be gone at 40, fer cripes' sake.

Perhaps she just eschews the surgical effort required to keep them perky, but they were never huge, so perhaps she doesn't notice, and nobody's pointed it out to her. Until now. She'll probably be commenting right after me with an explanation for us all. Or would be if you didn't use Blogger registration, that is.
You have regulars? You mean something not catalyzed by Metamucil?
Wta are you talking about, she looks pretty good considering someone carved a roast on her face.
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