Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Sick Day.

Two days into my busy season at work, and I've taken my first sick day of 2005. Well, that's getting off to a good start of it, eh?

While being at home means I can blog more. . . I doubt the gamma radiation emitted from the Bozoputer does a lot to facilitate proper healing. I might end up tomorrow morning looking like Ben Grimm. Or worse, this guy named Ben.

Hmmm. . . New Year's resolution #1: stop entering random names into Google image search.

So, I'll catch ya later tonight, hopefully when my head feels less like this and more like this.

Your not sick... your hoping a new toy arrives in the mail...

Well, sure, of course I am.

But I'm also sick.
No question about it ... it's seat worms.
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