Thursday, January 13, 2005


Some Things You Can't Unsee.

From this story:
A 46-year-old woman in Chandrapur village, about 65 kilometres south of gartala, capital of Tripura, is turning into a local attraction.

Namatia Ghosh has brought up a monkey like her offspring and people visit her home to catch a glimpse of the rather unusual relationship.

I'm. . . speechless. To think, I could have lived out the rest of my days without ever having seen that picture.

Without saying any one of the million things that I could possibly say right now, I will offer only that this woman has obviously never visited Pet Monkey Info.

If she had, I think she'd keep her nipples far away from her furry friends.

There's only one response to this.
Yup, my thoughts exactly CB.
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