Sunday, January 02, 2005


Some Things You Just Can't Unsee.


I could have lived a long time in peace and happiness without ever having visited this website.

I must share the pain, suffering, and horrific fascination with you all.

Click here only if you are brave/foolish.

You bastard.
I'll cop to foolish rather than brave, and yes, I clicked the link. Luckily, the same Firefox browser and settings that do such a good job of screwing up my viewing of Garfield Ridge also protected me from seeing anything other than the hideous "glam shot" and an incessant reminder that I needed to accept cookies and pass them an email address.

I did neither, because I don't want their cookies and, if rumors are correct, a cookie from Star would smell really, really bad. My retinae remain attached, my corneae remain unsinged, and my curiosity remains lukewarm-to-nonexistent, now that I know what I was proposing to look at. But thanks for the test.
Sorry about that Patton.

Hey. . . in what way does my site looked screwed up under Firefox? Is there something I can change?
Looks OK to me under Firefox, I guess. Well, except that on the individual pages, all the blogroll and the Bill Maher and Margeret Cho pictures are at the bottom so I can't see them.

I'm not complaining.
Yeah, my buddy Angus has the same problem if he engages the "Favorites" sidebar in IE.

The only way I can set up my site for that (that I know of) is to shrink the photos on the side so they don't send the sidebar to the bottom.

I guess I could also shrink the margins on my text postings. . . but geez, I write so damn much, you'll be scrolling forever. Unless, of course, I implement extended posts, but with Blogger I can't use extended posts selectively-- they're either on, or they're off.

Hmmm. . . I do have to fix that somehow. I wouldn't want anyone to miss my sidebar funnies.
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