Saturday, January 22, 2005


Something I Thought I'd Never Write: Marge Simpson Is Hot.

Okay, not on a typical day, but man, when she lets her hair down. . . meow:

In this illustration released by Dove, Marge Simpson, the animated mom from 'The Simpsons,' is helping market a new hair care line in a campaign of new magazine ads for Dove Styling. The company says Marge and other characters got a temporary makeover for the promotion, trading their usual hairstyles for 'beautiful styles that move naturally.' (AP Photo/Dove)
Now, every man knows that Marge has tremendous "inner beauty." Strong, resilient, and unfalteringly loyal to the Greatest Man In American History, Marge has repeatedly demonstrated that she is the perfect wife and mother.

Yet, let's be honest, Marge is frumpy. She's gangly. The strapless duster isn't flattering. And that hair. . . sweet lord, that beehive was never attractive.

I'm not so sure that Dove changed only Marge's hairstyle. If you look closer, notice that the picture on the right shows Marge may have had some. . . assets enlarged. D'oh!

Hey, she's a modern woman in 2005. If Marge wants to look her best, I say go right ahead.

Dave, it's bad when cartoons are hot. TRUST ME ON THIS. VERY BAD. Now let's talk about Kim Possible.
Wow. I don't know what came over me Chris.

I gotta get outta this dry spell, I tell ya.
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