Sunday, January 23, 2005


Son Of Nixon Has A Great Idea For Lorne Michaels.

Visit here to find out what it is.

I didn't watch Saturday Night Live last night. Not out of hatred; I'd just rather be surfing anime amputee porn at that late hour of the evening.

I have nothing against SNL, even the SNL of recent years. The show can be funny; it can be unfunny. It'll never be the SNL of the 1970's again, so I wish all those aging Boomers would shut the eff about it already.

It is what it is: ridiculously over-processed, barely-inventive rote American cheese whiz. Still, sometimes I'm in the mood for that.

C'mon, we may all love to bash SNL for the crap 99% of it is, but if we never, ever watched, we wouldn't have enjoyed beautiful works of art like this.

Or this.

Or this.

So, while I agree with Nixon-- Lorne Michaels must pay for his crimes-- I would like to find a way to avoid throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Even if the baby is mangled, deformed, and smells like cabbage.

thanks for the link dude.

No coke, pepsi.
If you ever get to Chicago and you have the chance, you must visit the Billy Goat. It's a great slice of Chicago culture, the beer is cold, and the burgers are delicious.

And yup, they still go "chizburger, chizburger."
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