Monday, January 10, 2005


The Surreal Life Returns.

I missed last night's premiere because I was watching 24, but The Mallet is on the case.

Ain't It Cool News says that VH1 will be replaying last night's episode all week long, so there are plenty of opportunities to catch stuff this:
On the fourth season premiere of the aptly named “The Surreal Life,” Go-Go Jane Weidlin went skinny-dipping with with stunning 20-year-old “America’s Top Model” winner Adrianne Curry. Both (the equally aptly-named) Da Brat and Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer placed annoyed calls to their agents and/or managers.

2’8” Troyer promptly fell in lust with 5’11” Curry and passed out, hammered to the gills on what looked like a mojito. “Brady Bunch” vet Christopher Knight carried the angry drunken dwarf to bed, but Troyer was up and riding his mini-mobile a few hours later, still drunk but now stark naked in some ill-lit corner of the mansion, peeing on live electrical implements.

Pimp Daddy.

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