Sunday, January 09, 2005


That Didn't Take Long.

Some Indymedia moonbats have blamed the tsunami on HAARP:
George Plays the Haarp
07.Jan.2005 19:17

Lynn Snodgrass

The samepeople who tried to pull off Operation Northwoods in the 60’s, dropped agent orange on Southeast Asia, tested out the A-bomb on Japan , possibly staged 911 themselves, invaded Iraq and lied about the reasons, probably tested HAARP on Indonesia. Georgy can’t overtly bomb and march into every “rogue state” that has oil and rebuild them to his liking. Too obvious. With his new powerful Alaskan
toy, he can simply destroy countries with “natural disasters”, and enter as a hero to “help” them. Do I smell Bechtel and see people paying for their own rainwater in the future?

H/T Little Green Footballs.

What is HAARP? It is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. See the quick version here, or visit the University of Alaska HAARP homepage for more info.

HAARP is also one of those handy "jack of all trades" for conspiracy nuts, right up there with Area 51, the Freemasons, and you guessed it, Frank Stallone. Anything and everything can be blamed on it.

Please note that, contrary to the contention of Ms. Snodgrass in the post above, HAARP is not a new toy. It's been in use since 1997, and the basic technology used to study the ionosphere has been in use worldwide since the 1950's.

I've never worked the project directly, but I know Air Force folks who have. And they all share one thing in common: they ridicule the conspiracy nuts out there who think this is a mind-control device, let alone something that can create a tsunami in the Pacific (or anywhere, for that matter).

But hey, as long as we're blaming America for causing death and destruction to innocents, why should we let a little thing I like to call "science" stand in the way?

You know, you were never good in science.....If only Mr. Fizer was around, he could explain how HAARP is even responsible for the decimation of the rain forest. Shevonne
Mr. Pfizer will never die!!!
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