Saturday, January 22, 2005


This Guy Is My Favorite Weatherman EVER.

As the Washington, D.C. area suffers HELL STORM 2005!!!, it's nice to know there are consumate professionals ready to report the weather quickly and confidently.

Watch the greatest weatherman ever, in live studio action.

As for the snowstorm dumping frosty flakes on my sidewalks right now, it's like Louis says: these bad things just blow in.

God that's ugly. But as I said over at Ace's, I'm near-certain that this is NOT A REAL WEATHER BROADCAST. It's got to be an audition tape. There's no way they'd let a weatherman that inexperienced and unfamiliar with the blue-screen (and that unable to read a script!) on the air, even in the most nickel-and-dime market.

But jesus was that agonizing to watch.
Actually, when I went looking for a copy of this NOT posted on an adult-oriented blog, I spotted one reference saying this was from a college student-run cable access station.

If that's the case, I can see it being for real.
"Well Jenifer, these things just blow in"I haven't laughed this hard in a long long time.

Oh this was real alright. Had my own little radio show at SouthWest Texas U, and I remember these kids doing tha news in the room right next to me. But I don't remember any of their performances being as unforgetable as this one..

The breathing.. I'll never forget the breathing.

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