Tuesday, January 11, 2005


A Very Special Announcement From Garfield Ridge.

It's just one word:


Earlier today, I was suitably chastized by the Unabrewer, who felt that I should have checked out his blog before I posted on the topic of Republican timidity on Social Security reform.

I just want every reader out there to know: I hear you.

It's just that my first instinct is to surf the hard news for things that interest me. In the heat of the moment, I'm usually motivated to post immediately on the subject, before I have a chance to surf other blogs to see what their opinions are on the matter.

That doesn't mean I'm not reading your sites, nor that I'm not enjoying them immensely. I just don't always catch everything you're writing in time to incorporate into my posts (please, puh-leaze email me with tips, links and advice!)

I enjoy all the wonderful stuff posted by those blogging friends of mine, bloggers like Sobek, and Jennifer, and Chris, and Average Joe, and the Unpopulist, and the aforementioned Unabrewer, and Patton, and the one and only Mallet.

And of course the big guns like Ace, and Allah, and Jawa.

And we here like Nixon too. And readers like See-Dubya, Chilperic, and Hans, even if they won't get their own damn blogs.

. . . and to all the bloggers and readers I failed to mention who make my little vanity project a part of their day.

So, for all the readers who are stopping by for the first time, know this: if the blog is on my sidebar, it demands your attention, dammit!

And again, thanks.

P.S. Oh, and yeah: my "offline" friends too. But I feel that you *owe* this blog, as it saves you from spam about robot apes.

I do appreciate this spam collector. It keeps my inbox clean. And who doesn't want a clean inbox?
Silly goose!

I dooooo have a blog: HansBricks.comAnd because I am linking you RIGHT NOW on my blog roll, you will finally be getting some of "that crazy blog money" Ace keeps talking about.

And since you don't have "trackback", you'll never know just how many times I worshiped you from afar. For you see, YOU ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS BLOGGER in the game. And I only worship the bestest.

Well dang it Hans, why didn't you say so before???

OF COURSE you'll be added to the sidebar.

As for Trackback, effin Blogger still doesn't enable it.
Yeah,yeah, I'll be moving off it one day. First, I want a bit more critical mass in readership before I throw people for a link loop. Second, Blogger's comfy right now, like training wheels. Third, I'm lazy. Fourth, the Trilateral Commission hates tattlers. Fifth, no one can tell me where I put my underwear. Sixth, is the loneliest number. Seventh, is where that deli with the schnitzel is located. Eighth, rhymes with wraith. Ninth, is a great symphony to play while gunning down Euro-trash terrorists. Tenth, is when the game ended on a in-the-park home run.

But I repeat myself. But I repeat myself.
I didn't really mean to chastise you. I was actually more surprised that Drudge still thinks it's "news."
P.S. For trackback ability visit www.haloscan.com
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