Monday, January 10, 2005


What Is Your Primary Objective???

On the main page of the Fox website, they've embedded a clip from Sunday's premiere of 24, which I raved about below.

Who knows how long the clip will stay up on the site, so click this link now if you want to see some of Jack Bauer's, ahhh, non-traditional means of interrogation.

It's not a hacksaw, but it'll do.

I just hope this season lives up to the start. I caught this show in the second season, and it was riveting, up to the point where they found the bomb. Then the storyline degenerated into a typical "maverick bucking the system to avoid catastrophe by the military's knee-jerk reaction to events". I was very disappointed in the arc after that.

Last year, I admit I missed a couple of shows about a quarter of the way through and just gave up. I guess I should have watched the first season, people tell me it was the best one.
Don't get me wrong-- I love 24, but I also hate it at times too.

I never saw the first season; it looked like a gimmick, and I figured FOX would cancel it after a few episodes. I ended up seeing the first four episodes of the second season on a videotape lent by a friend. From then on, I was hooked.

I too noticed the abrupt shift in the second season after the bomb went off. I'm not sure if this is true, but I always suspected that they only scripted & filmed 12 episodes to begin with, unsure whether the show would be cancelled or not. Then, a few weeks into the season with good ratings, they tacked on the second half, which is a huge letdown over the first half (which IMHO are still the best episodes the series has ever had-- nothing yet has topped Jack threatening to kill Said Ali's family).

The third season flipped this around-- the first half wasn't too great (Tony gets shot in the neck, has surgery, and manages to go back to work the same day?!?), but the second half made up for it.

So, we'll see over the next few weeks; if 24 is great, I'd expect the 2nd season pattern to repeat itself.
The first two hours of "24" this year definitely grabbed me. Last year started slow. It took until around hour ten to be interesting. It then picked up steam relentlessly but petered out the last couple of episodes, which were disappointing. I hope this season doesn't start strong, then peter out...
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