Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Woman Wants to Cleanse Colons in Her Home.

Because doing it in public is icky (h/t Lori, for this valuable information):

LOGAN, Utah (AP) - A woman is fighting the City Council in Providence to issue her a permit to run a colon-cleansing service out of her home.

Colon hydrotherapy is a licensed procedure in other states, but in Utah is considered only a homeopathic method. Colette Yates says she has invested two years and roughly $40,000 on her home business, which focuses on removing waste from the large intestine by injecting water into the colon, where it loosens and softens waste. The water is injected through the rectum.
Oh, so that's how they clean colons in Utah? Because here at Garfield Ridge, I like to swallow a lucky little leprechaun who surfs his way through my intestines with a Swiffer Wet and a pooper-scooper.

Hey, I'm all for this. She's only trying to make her mark as a small-business owner. C'mon, it's not like she's running a Rainbow Dust lab or anything.

My colon is squeaky clean!

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