Sunday, January 02, 2005


Would *You* Have Lunch With This Lady?

Call me a partisan, but I think I'd rather order in.

Via Drudge:

Congress hasn’t been this polarized in almost a century, TIME magazine claims in fresh editions.

In the House, speaker Dennis Hastert and minority leader Nancy Pelosi have not had a private meal together since she took over the top Democratic job two years ago. “Each thinks the other is a rabid partisan, so they confer only when they must,” Waller reports.
Come now, that doesn't mean they don't love each other, does it? How many husbands and wives in America can't stand having a private meal together, and they still stick together. You know, for the children.

Still, I'll admit it's not a good sign for comity when J. Dennis Hastert can't be drawn out of his warren to a eat a meal.

In the interests of humanity, I must profess the truth: I've met Nancy Pelosi before. Nearly a decade ago, she visited one of my grad school classes to talk about the human rights situation in China, and in particular the fight for religious freedom there. She led an excellent discussion, and I got the impression that she was a very impressive woman. Even if she does look just like Henry Kane from Poltergeist II.

Trust me, they're the same person.

Of course, just because you're impressive doesn't mean you're not also hoppin' loonie, but hey, I feel obligated to say that chatting with Nancy Pelosi wasn't half as bad as talking to Hillary Clinton.

Oh, wait, no White House interns were allowed to talk to Hillary unless she chose to speak with you; I must have forgotten that part. Damn me and my selective memory.

Anyways, partisanship is bad, Republicans hate Democrats, cats hate dogs, my fingertips taste like teriyaki jerky. So what else is new?

As long as nobody's kung-fu fighting inside the cloakroom, a little gridlock every now and then can be a healthy thing. In fact, I'd much rather have them arguing than agreeing. Whenever I hear the words "bipartisan legislation," I think either "National Cheese Day," or "Empty Dave's Wallet For The Old People Act of 2005."

Trust me, neither piece of legislation is worth sharing a private meal over.

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