Thursday, February 10, 2005


Anyone Have a Few Million Dollars They Can Spare?

Like many people, I afford myself the occasional opportunity to daydream an answer to the ever-popular question, "What would I do if I had a million dollars?"

The answer to that question is, of course, obvious.

However, this being a time of inflation in America, I often jack up my dream reward to a more significant amount, like $100 million dollars. This not only matches many now-commonplace lottery jackpots, it also represents the total amount of money I seem to owe the Visa Corporation.

So, if I had a $100 million dollars tomorrow, Thursday, what would I do?

First, I'd leave my bosses a nice little "present" in the corner of their offices.

Second? I'd buy myself a private island, baby.

Thankfully, there is a great website advertising private islands for sale worldwide entitled, conveniently enough, Private Islands Online.

Want an island in the Bahamas? Done. Off Fiji? You got it. In the middle of A Virginia lake? Ready when you are.

Sure, a million here, a million there, and we're soon talking real money. But with a $100 million dollar nest egg, you can afford to splurge on your own private island. In fact, at these low prices, how can you afford *not* to?

Of course, the next best thing to your own private island is your own private evil lair.

Too bad the classic Villain Supply website has closed down; I guess you're on your own when finding sharks with laser-beam heads to stock your volcano base's waterfall pond.

Man, I really need to get some more cash. There's just too much life passing me by right now. Cars, women. . . now islands.

This work thing really blows chunks.

Better than a private island... Old nuclear missile silos... get em while their hot!


You can actualy buy a private island in the shape of the world... or at least a piece of it. Check out this website in Dubai. They're building a chain of islands in the shape of the world, and you can buy your country, reasonably priced I can only assume.
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