Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Apologies For The Light Posting.

Sorry about the quiet time, I left work early Monday in order to work at home.

Surprisingly, there are fewer distractions for me at home. Yeah, I've got unlimited internet access at home (read: nudie pics!), but I don't have to sit around and listen while some Major yaps on about how his point paper needs to be two pages versus one. As long as nobody's talking to me, I'm usually pretty able to churn out my work.

Alas, I've got a very early day ahead of me on Tuesday, so I'm going to sack out early tonight. If everything gets done like I hope, I should be back to a normal posting schedule come Tuesday night.

Until then, I give you. . . the worst place in the world to be caught walking: the stern of a Ticonderoga during a vertical launch. I hope that sailor had a clean pair of underwear.

Happy February!

You know, Dave..light blogging for you still vastly outdoes a heavy day of blogging from me.

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