Friday, February 18, 2005


Awful Mothers.

Read the MSNBC piece on how hard it is to be a mother these days, what with the color-coordinated felt and play-dates and minvan trips.

Then, when done rolling your eyes, visit James Lileks (scroll down) for a welcome counterpoint.

Sometimes, the best advice a mother can give her child is "go play in traffic."

Seems to have worked just fine for me.

I was worried Mrs. See Dubya was taking the mommy thing a little too seriously, so I got her a wonderful book called 'The Three Martini Playmate". No, sorry, that's Daddy's special book he keeps in the back of the drawer.

I actually meant "The Three Martini Playdate', by Christie Mellor, which basically tells you not to let your kid run your life, not to let them be a hellion, and teach them to make martinis and generally put them to useful work whenever you can. Funny book.

I recommend it to new parents--or when you need a little gift for expectant parents.

PS Dave, it takes like five minutes for the comment screen to come up and I've got a fast connection. can you "switch to Haloscan" like all the cool blogger kids are doing? Or something? Cause I'd comment more if the window came up faster.
Wow. I thought you had the special See-Dubya comment-link-filter engaged. {wink wink}

He's right. I have DSL and it takes a really long time to post a comment. Not that I have anything to say other than "Good Job".

Sorry about the comments, I dunno what's going on. It comes up pretty quickly for me *most* of the time, but I've had some trouble too.

I'm pretty sure that it's a Blogger-wide problem, and not just my site, but what the hell do I know?

As for moving to something other than Blogger, don't worry, that's in the works. Might be a few more weeks given my work schedule, but I simply *must* stop using this damn software if I ever hope to improve the quality of the Ridge.

So, in the meantime, please be patient?
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