Tuesday, February 01, 2005


The Best Story Of The Day.

Quite possibly *EVER*.

Earlier today, a web site run by Iraqi terrorists claimed to hold an American soldier hostage. They released this photo of the soldier:

When I saw the picture I immediately thought, "Hey, something's not right. He looks. . . plastic."

I should've posted my first instinct because, yup, those bastard Jidhadis captured G.I. Joe.

Ace has got more on his site, including a very funny Top 10.

I wonder what's next? Are the terrorists going to capture William Devane?

First, the elections. Now, farce.

Suddenly, I'm feeling quite confident in our ability to crush these guys by Christmas.

I suddenly can't find my Six Million Dollar Man action figure...those damn terrorist scum!!!
Another example of my forest-for-the-trees ocular dysfunction: my first thought was "that looks like a toy M-16."
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