Sunday, February 27, 2005


Did We Have A Meteor Shower Saturday Night?

A college friend of mine and his wife got married a few weeks back in a private ceremony. Saturday night out in Fairfax, they threw a post-wedding party for all of their friends.

'Twas a good time. My ex-roommate, my ex-housemates, and a bunch of other college buddies, all decked out in shirts and ties. Strange sight to see, what with everyone looking responsible and whatnot.

Anyways, on my way home from the party, heading east on I-66, just a little after midnight I watched what I assume to be a modest-sized meteorite streak towards the ground from just above the horizon, directly to the east (i.e., over DC).

Now, I've seen more than my fair share of meteor showers to know that the low-angle vertical streak was unusual, not to mention the fact that you could see a meteorite at all given Washington's light pollution. And I'm pretty sure what I saw looked likely to hit the ground.

I just checked around the web, but nothing shows up on any sites, so I guess I'll look later on Sunday in the WaPo online, see if anything did happen or it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. Like that time in Vegas; but we don't talk about that anymore.

Hey, at the very least, I'm just glad it turned out not to be what my *first* instinct said it was.

For that would be, ummm, bad.

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