Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Finally! A Way For Women To Urinate Standing Up!

Now maybe they'll understand why us guys leave the toilet seat up.

Introducing the Magic Cone.

Now even Andrew Sullivan can piddle standing up!

I guess this makes sense. Just pack a few of these magical cones in your purse, and pretty soon you're missing the bowl as efficiently as us male-folk.

And when you're done marking your territory, don't flush it down; just throw into the wastebasket. Yes, just throw the soggy, asparagus-smelling Magic Cone into the trash. Totally hygenic!

Oh, and in case you still can't grasp how to use your Horn of Liquid Gondor, here's a helpful animation explaining how it works.

An incredibly graphic, horribly disturbing helpful animation. This doesn't look pleasant-- it looks like a paper-product pelvic.

I think I need to go wash my hands now; I feel dirty just clicking there.

Happy tinkling, ladies!

Good Timing, Dave...
Just in time for a last-minute Valentine's Day gift.
I'll see and raise you.
David Sedaris has a piece on this that almost requires you wear one, unless you go the Kozik way and just pee your pants.
I think I see a new tag line:
"Garfield Ridge, pull your skirt down or pants...."
Wait, that won't work.
"Hoping you are pleased using the Garfield Ridge"?
No, wait!
"Garfield Ridge, throw into the waste basket. Don't throw it into the toilet."

-Chris Mayhew
Oh my...that link just made my day. I can't stop laughing!!! I mean, having her pull her panties down is simply classic...ROFL
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