Wednesday, February 09, 2005


The Garfield Ridge Driving School.

There are few things in life I enjoy more than hardcore pornography.

But, right after hardcore porn, I'd have to say that I'm a big fan of the Sunday drive. I really love to drive my car around with the windows down and the music up. As long as there's no traffic, it's quite relaxing.

Things don't always go according to plan, however. This weekend I was driving along one of my favorite stretches of road in the area-- MacArthur Road in Georgetown-- when I arrived behind a BMW 325i.

A BMW 325i going ten miles per hour under the speed limit.

On a one-lane road *built* for the Ultimate Driving Machine.

It's at that point that I want to pull the driver over, drag them from the car, urinate on them yelling "House on fire, house on fire," kick them down the hill into the Potomac River, get into their car, and then enjoy driving a BMW like it was meant to be driven.

Didn't happen. . . this time.

Anyways, I bring this all up to share with you two important driving videos from the Garfield Ridge Driving School.


And worse.


UPDATE: Speaking of crazy driving, I'm pretty sure the most challenging driving course right about now is in Iraq.

Wow...that first guy was very lucky. That second guy was on fire. Wild stuff.

Comments courtesy of AverageJoe's comments game:

Now if I understood his rules correctly, I need to go comment on one of his older posts. I pick this one:
Iraq is pretty bad, but its still no L.A.
Here is a related link:

Here is another:

I can see you like Ebaums world. Try "ORSM" if you havent already. NOT WORK SAFE, but they have some video you might like.
No fire, but I was in a car that flipped over once. If I hadn't been wearing a seat belt, I wouldn't be typing this today - my brain would have been "not intact."
What the hell? That last one scared me the most. Brave men over there.
Takes a really yellow bitch to lay IEDs on the road and hide behind mullah's skirt.

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