Monday, February 07, 2005


Garfield Ridge Presents: You Make The Call.

There's a bit of Superbowl controversy at my office today over the Eagles decision to go for the onside kick with the score 24-21, with a 1:48 remaining in the game.

I have my own opinion on the matter-- I believe it was the right call-- but I'll save my explanation until I hear from anyone else with an opinion.

So, what do *you* think would be the right decision in that situation?

I would have gone for the onside kick too.
I think it was the right call. Philly had real trouble stopping NE in the second half, and one first down would have sealed the game. I think the onside kick was the Eagles' best chance to get the ball back.
Either way an argument can be made against them. If they kick deep, the Pats are more likely to play ball control, get a first down or two and kill the clock. I am guessing Andy Reid made his choice because in his mind it was less of a long shot.

Naysayers would be having this if he made the other choice. The bigger issue with his choices is the lack of no-huddle offense in the last 4 minutes. I could not believe that
I'll echo Ranger's comments. If the Eagles hadn't run their constipated version of the no-huddle, they could have scored their touchdown with two minutes plus easily. You can then kick the ball deep, use the two remaining timeouts along with the two minute warning and if they could hold them to three and out, get the ball back in much better field position with one minute plus on the clock. All they needed was a field goal to send it to overtime. With more than 60 seconds, they could even work the middle of the field with a spike to stop the clock.
Ditto the previous two comments. Absolutely horrid hurry-up offense killed the Eagles. That said, you need to go for the onside kick. Even if you kick it deep and pin the Pats back a little bit, you're still only allowing yourself less then 40 secs with no timeouts in order to get in field goal position.
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