Friday, February 11, 2005


Good Links For Thursday.

. . . only a day late.

Man, this job thing is getting really *old*. . .

WuzzaDem has crafted some messages that the Democratic Party can make use of. I like his last one.

Zelda over at the Urban Grind has some harsh words for any man contemplating getting their woman a bowling ball for Valentine's Day. Hmmm. . . I guess this means I have to return her gift.

Sobek suffers a bout of blogger malaise. Which I also have right now (what, you couldn't tell by my use of this list/crutch?), but thankfully I have an excuse of a busy job. What sort of excuse does Sobek have. . . except for a job, a wife, a recent toddler?

Hey, cut me some slack, alright? I'm busy saving this nation from communism.

The gang o' bloggers over at Musings of a Fat Kid have plenty of things to offer. First off, one great post followed by another with funny faux bumper stickers.

Even better, they found a story in the World Tribune alleging that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il is "unsettled" by the movie Team America. They suggest a few more things that should unsettle Kim Jong Il, like these.

Personally, I believe the one and only thing that should unsettle Kim Jong Il is that my coworkers love to make jokes like these:

Kim, I'll see your puny homegrown nuclear weapons, and I'll raise you these.

Hey, Dave -

Keep up the good work... at work I mean. The blog is nice but we over here in Japan are depending on you guys to save our asses from the DPKs. Geez, they lose one lousy soccer game to us and then go announce the next day that they've got nuclear weapons and are withdraeing from talks. Talk about sore losers.

You know, I had a chance to go drinking with Emo Phillips back in the late 80s. Damn that was a painful hour and a half.

But that's not the reason I called. This is.

Just watch it and tell me what you think. I'll be here when you get back.

(sorry, you'll have to cut n paste)

My friend who works for a paper in Georgia gave me the heads up for this. The jokes just kind of write themselves don't they?

Matriculate Now!
And if you've ever "withdraed" from a talk before you know just how painful that can be.
Actually, here's a better summation of the story.

Go to the wkrn homepage and then scroll down to the video marked
"DCS launches investigation into Warren Co. teacher"

Wow. Just wow. 30 (thirty) counts. That boy is facing the same problem all the guys who went to the moon did... where the hell do you go from here?
Hey Dave,

I thought I was being harder on the woman in my post.
Thanks for the links Dave!
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