Saturday, February 12, 2005


I Don't Understand Funny Talk. . .

. . . But I do understand pictures.

And these pictures are very sad.

(Be sure to click forward at the bottom of the page)

UPDATE: The link has been removed because it shows up with a porn banner.

Not that I have anything against porn banners; it's just that after the Whizzinator incident, I've reached my quota of nudity and semi-nudity for the week.

That, and if I link you to adult content, your skills at finding the adult content on your own will atrophy. Pretty soon, you'll be the pornographic equivalent of a welfare queen, dependent on others to link the porn you are too lazy to find on your own. Trust me, I'm doing this for your own good.

In the meantime, if I have to remove a link, I might as well add one:

How to disappear in America without a trace.

Handy for when you're evading the police, the Feds, your wife, Sallie Mae, aliens, and that goofy old guy who does that dance in the Six Flags commercial.

Heck, for a minute, when I saw a pristine automobile, I thought you were referring to the banner ad at the top, with the chaste young lady taking a high hard one.

But, being an inveterate follower of instructions, I scrolled down past all the ibbity-ibbity and saw the actual point. Sucks to be his insurance agent, eh?

What do you mean? Are you getting a porn banner when you visit that site?

I didn't see one. . .
Yes, there was a porn banner at the top. Thanks, now I'm in trouble with my boss. Or I would be if Mrs. Brownshirt was in the room with me when I hit your link.

Mike the DBS
The porn banner was only there some of the time. I like the new link about disappearing. Hopefully some of the people the author was targetting (like animal rights activists and draft dodgers) will take his advice and TRY living in the desert. How long would it take for the ALF types to decide that eating a lizard wouldn't be all that bad? Virgin River Gorge would kill most people in the Summer.

Mike the DBS
Yeah, it's not like I'm Jason Bourne here, but that article seemed to contain some egregiously wrong information. (The blood, the satellite window-listening thing--unless you're AQ Khan, who's going to task a satellite for that?) And living in the desert? That's not suspicious at all.

A better, factual account of someone disappearing inside America is in Mark Bowden's book Doctor Dealer, about a convicted drug dealer who goes fugitive and starts a new life right in a Virginia suburb. His mistake is contacting his old friends...
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