Sunday, February 06, 2005


I Think I Was Just Born Again.

Watch this video, and you'll love The Book, too.


Just wow.

I feel dirty for some reason. I do like the line about how Catholics have more books in the bible...

But, once again Dave has put something in my head that will be seared...SEARED... into my memory, possibly causing dizzeness, nausua, and an inability to spell properly.

Now I need to go do something slightly evil to re-balance myself...

You are now bookmarked. That was most emphatically not what I was expecting, and gave me the most recent of many chuckles. Please keep up the funny. ----Some Guy in McLean
Awesome. My study Bible is about the size of that big one he was dragging around.

New American Standard rules, boy!!! Yeah, that's right!

Mike the DBS
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