Thursday, February 10, 2005


Important Safety Tip: Never Surf The Web In Front Of A Live Studio Audience.

The reason why is here.

BTW, what's the deal with these guys? I don't know when the show was taped (this could be a fairly old clip, one that all of you have seen before), but podcasting ain't exactly that new of a phenomenon. Heck, I know what it is, and I don't even own an iPod.

I guess the Tech TV hosts have to get out more.

UPDATE: Really important safety tip-- make sure your links work properly. This link doesn't, and my computer at work won't access, so I can't find the main page to find the video blooper.

Either you wait until tonight, or someone can dig around the site to find the video?

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Link above should be fixed now; enjoy away.

Theyre on to ya Dave! Your links no good.
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