Saturday, February 26, 2005


My Favorite Jackass Sketch Ever.

In my day, I was a huge Jackass fan.

Not because I'd do any of the stuff they showed; I just found it hilarious that some people *would* do that. And plus, groin pain is comedy, as long as it's not your groin in pain.

I own a few "Best of" DVDs of the show, but I've never been able to find the edition that had my absolute favorite Jackass sketch ever.

Well, perhaps my *second* favorite sketch, right after the sketch where they "kidnapped" Brad Pitt off of a crowded Hollywood sidewalk.

Hmmm. Maybe this is my *third* favorite sketch, after the running hockey fight sketch, where Bam Margera and Brandon Dicamillo fight each other-- *really* fight each other-- in full hockey gear on an ice rink.

And on the streets of Los Angeles. And inside a random restaurant. Et cetera.

And when I talk about favorite sketches, I am *not* including Jackass: The Movie, which I will argue with anyone alive is one of the funniest films ever released in the United States of America.


No, I am not kidding.

Anyways, my *fourth* favorite Jackass sketch is actually an incredibly short clip involving that Great American, Bam Margera.

I recommend that you actually right click "save as" and store it somewhere. It's short but high quality, which means it could stutter if you watch it streaming, and unless it plays through smoothly, your enjoyment of Bam's, ah, fluidity of motion will be ruined.

Even now, this is still the only Jackass stunt that I've ever seriously contemplated attempting in real life.

Yes, I am 30 years old. With a good education. And a security clearance.

Hey-- every boy has to have his fun somehow.

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