Sunday, February 20, 2005


One Of The Funniest Official Emails I Ever Got.

From when I was working in Los Angeles, I got the following email, with an attached flyer. The flyer wasn't that big a deal, but the email was priceless.

"GTC" stands for government travel card, i.e., our official Visa card, and "TDY" is temporary duty, i.e. military-speak for business travel.
Someone in the squadron sent this to me. While it is supposed to be "funny", it is a good advertisement reminding our folks not to use the card inappropriately. We recently had one of our DM troops TDY to Nellis reserve a call girl with the GTC. While he paid cash for the service and the charge was reversed, it still showed on the monthly activity report. Prostitutes are NOT a reimbursable expense on the travel voucher and the card should not have been used to "hold" the service (pardon the pun). If you have any questions on the Do's & Don'ts, just let me know. I have been to several commanders calls and it doesn't take much notice for me to show up and brief. MSgt [Deleted]
Needless to say, while in Los Angeles, this policy put a serious crimp in my travel plans to Nevada.

Uh, wait, what am I saying? No it didn't. Not at all. Nuh-uh.

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