Friday, February 25, 2005


Retraction: Ward Churchill Did *Not* Say He Was Not An American Indian.

Ace retracts, so I retract. Read Ace for the details.

Hey, I trust Ace. I trust him with my links, and my life. It wasn't easy being a black Marine in 1969, but back in the shit, Ace was always there to pull my chestnuts from the fire-- whether he was telling me to how avoid the punji stakes, or how to avoid catching the ooze from the local sucky-sucky.

Without Ace's wisdom, I shudder to think how I might have gone along with the rest of the squad the day Sgt. Meserve found that Vietnamese girl in the hooch, and decided to take their R&R with her.

Hmmm. . . whoa; sorry about that. I'm unsure if I'm having *my* flashback, or Michael J. Fox's.

War does terrible things to a man.

Anyways-- Ace, I thank you. For keeping me safe, and keeping me honest.

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