Sunday, February 06, 2005


Sobekpundit's Liveblogging From Mardi Gras.

Okay, that's a bit of a cheat, since Sobek lives in New Orleans. It'd be kinda hard for him to miss all the fun.

Still, I'm so jealous of him right now because he got beads from the star of K.I.S.S. Saves Santa, Gene Simmons.

No, not Jean Simmons:

*GENE* Simmons:

Best of all, Sobek has the pictures to prove it.

Let's hear a big round of applause for Sobek. He must have really spectacular tits.

All due respect to Sobek, from I've seen in New Orleans, you get beads with below-par tits. Gherkin-tits, even.

The process of bead-giving during Mardi Gras appears distinctly non-deterministic. Therefore, I'm not implying that he doesn't have really spectacular tits.

I'm just saying.
LOL. . .
Patton is basically right about the non-discrimination principle, although it tends to be more true at 2:00 a.m. than at 10:00 p.m.

Because I wish to cultivate a bit of internet mystique, I refuse to say whether or not I, in fact, have fantastic tits. Feel free to speculate amongst yourselves.
That reminds me, why the hell isn't Kiss the half time show at the Super Bowl EVERY year? Somebody has to make this happen.
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