Monday, February 21, 2005


Something Else To Worry About.

The CDC warns that avian flu is likely to jump from birds to humans in increasingly communicative and lethal strains.

I believe that, in many respects, we've been quite fortunate in the past hundred years that more such diseases haven't jumped from animals to people.

HIV almost certainly came from animals, but at least with that disease, the incubation period-- the latest NYC strain aside-- is fairly long. Plus, it's incredibly easy to avoid getting HIV.

Bird flu? Once this stuff mutates, it's going to sweep the globe like you wouldn't believe.

I'm less worried about America and other Western nations that can afford to take the steps necessary to ease into a "burnout" of such a virus. The financial hit would be enormous, but many Americans could stay off the streets for the weeks necessary to let such an epidemic pass.

In less developed, highly-populous nations-- I'm thinking China, Indonesia, and India-- bird flu could kill tens of millions, or more, in a matter of weeks.

Anyone want to take bets on just how destabilizing something like *that* would be to Asia?

Brave new world. . .

You're worried? My ass is headed to China.

Wanna make out?
All right, so let's begin a civil defense program through USAID of handing out 12-ga pump shotguns and birdshot (double-ought birdshot, that is) to civilians in all the high-risk areas.

Especially in Burma, Iran, the DPRK, China, Malaysia, Belarus, Venezuela, Cuba, and Syria. I think all those countries are at pretty high risk. Of something.

These regimes may not like it, but we have to protect ourselves from the icky bird flu.
Counting on FEMA to help? Ha, u need this:avian bird flu
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