Thursday, February 03, 2005


State Of The Union Wrap-Up.

I'll keep this short-- you either watched the speech, and know it already, or didn't watch the speech, which means you don't care.

-- Social Security reform: I was for privatization before the President supported it, I'm for privatization after the President supported it.

Slick rhetorical move by Dubya to use examples of reform after reform. . . proposed by Democrats.

So, Bush wants to make Social Security more like the Thrift Savings Plan? Wonderful! I've made nothing but bank with my TSP account. And that was even through the recession.

Granted, the downturn sucked-- I only kept pace with inflation. Like, say, Social Security.

But in the good years? Just beautiful.

Now that the speech is over and the proposal is on the street, I expect everyone to come together now and engage in a calm, reasoned debate.

HA! Man, I'm a funny guy. . .

-- The War: Great statements that had the added virtue of being true.

I loved Bush's statement on Iran; it may seem like such a small thing to say, but one only needs to look at the histories of the Soviet gulags to know that *any* statements of encouragement meant much to those imprisoned.

As for Iraq. . .

You show me someone in America who did not choke up when the Norwoods were introduced, I'll show you someone who hates this country. You show me someone who didn't start to lose it when Safia Taleb al-Suhail hugged Janet Norwood, and I'll prove that they have no heart.

Thank you.

Political theater? Almost certainly; Bush is a keen student of A-B-C: Always Be Closing. His speeches start weak-- this one in particular dragged through nearly Clintonesque policy minutiae, but man, he sure knows how to end them.

But even if this had the element of stagery going on, that doesn't detract from the honesty of the moment: an Iraqi thanking an American for the most terrible of sacrifices.

For some reason or another the A.P. doesn't have a picture of the hug, but if one image stays with me, it'll be that one, for a very long time to come.

-- The Democratic Response: Would someone please explain to me how the Democratic Party will bring us forward into the 21st Century when they won't bother leaving the 20th behind?

No, really, I'd like to know. I'm what the cool cats call curious.

I can tolerate Harry Reid. Sure, he's got a loony streak, but he's representing a loony party; it comes with the territory. At least he doesn't yell. Hell, he barely speaks at all.

As for Nancy Pelosi, well. . .

Stop lecturing us, Nancy.

Nancy Pelosi talking about national security is like me talking about Australian rules football: just because you've seen it a couple of times on TV doesn't mean you understand the rules, let alone can play the game.

But hey, whadda I know? I'm off my meds.

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The one thing I really liked him saying about the Social Security reform was when he was talking about the federal employees who already have a similar plan and then pointing out "Why not let the rest of America have this choice?"

Or something to that effect...very good way of putting it. Yet, Senator Reid still had something against it....oh well, what can ya do.
I cried like a baby tonight man... You know, I think I even saw Cheney remove his glasses and wipe some liquid off his brow. Bush was classic. I really respect the way he teared up after introducing the Soldier's parents. Damn that was good Dave..

But not as good as the Pelosi pic.. I wasn't ready for that one.. Just like I wasn't ready for Monkey Karate Explosion. Good times man.

Bush's speech was trundling along until it hit the foreign policy section, where it definitely picked up steam.

I was definitely struck with the bizarro world of the Democratic response. It almost seemed like they sent their most untelegenic and unconvincing spokespeople out there. Reid was babbling nonsense about Groundhog Day, but Pelosi really took the cake. Two things--she really needs to lay off the Botox (considering her face never moves and she is actually like 85 years old) and her tweezer privileges should be revoked cause those are some scary ass eyebrows.

Frank J. at IMAO has the money quote on Pelosi:

"Ahh! Now Pelosi is speaking. Is her skull trying to escape her face?"
Actually, Aussie Rules isn't all that complicated (anybody else remember the early days of ESPN when it seemed to be all VFL or CFL?); cricket, on the other hand...
Two things:
1) This privitization/personalization plan does nothing to actually save Social Security.
2) W challenged Congress to come up with a way to save Social Security. Didn't this sound a little hallow? Like, unless some other plan will include partial personalization then it will be ignored.

This whole debate seems absurd right now. SS was an insurance policy and never meant as a retirement fund. We have those least I do. Maybe I am special and nobody else knows about 401k's and "stocks" or "bonds" or other really tricky investment options like "money market accounts" or "IRA's."
Am I the only one that gets a little turned on looking at those two chicks hugging?

Musings of a fat Kid
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