Friday, February 18, 2005


This Is Very Cool.

From The Corner comes a webpage that shows the popularity of baby names over time.

What's cool isn't the baby names; well, I guess those are cool if you like babies. Weirdoes.

Nope, what's cool to me is the program that shows the data. It's a great way to showcase complex data.

Does anybody know if there's software out there that can replicate this effect? I ask because something like this would be perfect for displaying lots of budget data and trends, something I have to do at work all the time.

Nifty stuff.

It was my understanding that there would be no math.

OK, but yes, that is quite cool.
Well, not to be a geek about it, but all that voodoo is done with a small set of simple but well-designed Java programs, and the entirety is actually downloaded in your browser cache after you view it, along with the database used, all 106KB of it.

The program appears devoid of identifying marks to indicate who wrote it.

Any Java geek could reverse engineer it quite easily, but if you looked at the database format, you might be less impressed with the voodoo. But it IS an interesting way to display such discrete data points.
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