Thursday, February 17, 2005


This Picture Shouldn't Make Me Feel So Oogie.

Mmmm. . . plushie justice. . .
Holy crap blogger is slow, I clicked "leave a comment" about 10 minutes ago, and now this pops up.

Anyway, I think you meant "Furrys". And this post is very VERY disturbing Dave.

Actually, it's my understanding-- supported by Wikipedia-- that plushie and furry are synonomous.

I can't believe I know this.
JM&J, if I had any cookies to toss they'd be long gone. That's what I get for clicking on Mike's "Furrys" which eventually led me to SomethingAwful. ARGH...thanks for the education, Dave - not.
Mike isn't kidding. I've got cable and it still took a couple of minutes to load.

One look at those idiots and my first thought is that if fox's were that big it wouldn't take so many of them to make a coat.
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